Yoga Workshops

British Wheel of Yoga Festival – Yoga Presentation
13th October 2018
Hallam Conference Centre
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2-3.30 pm SEQUENCING
Discover how to creatively and intelligently sequence your classes to reach optimal results. Learn the functional and energetic relationship of postures. How to safely prepare students for peak poses and counterbalance in an effective way.


A practice to stay steady and not waiver from the path but to tread lightly as Life is precious, every moment is to be enjoyed – a slow introspective practice – moving from one’s centre with Grace, a hip and heart opening practice with meditation and relaxation



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Yoga Workshop
14th October 2018
Yoga Bodhi
£85 (early bird price of £75 if purchased before 14th September 2018)
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10-1pm  IGNITE your PRACTICE
The energy of fire is essential to move forward towards your goal with passion and focus. We need the fire of shakti to awaken our desires, find motivation and to be in service for the greater good.

Bridget will teach a practice focusing on twists and playful hand balances with a little core work and Pranayama.


2-5 pm Introspective Practice 
The afternoon with be an introspective practice focusing on the teachings of the Shiva Sutras. This will be a hip opening practice to steady, calm and focus the mind with meditation and relaxation.

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Mudras + Mantras : enhancing your practice
26th October 2018
Triyoga, Soho


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Learn how to weave mudras, mantras and pranayama to enhance your asana practice. Bringing these subtle practices together to influence Shakti, you will playfully flow through asana, interweaving different mantras and mudras to explore the subtleties within poses.



Learn mudras and mantras to ground, stimulate, unblock and invoke, keeping body and mind healthy and balanced. Feel and explore how mantras and mudras affect your practice and leave with knowledge of how to interlace them into your personal practice.



Indian philosophy believes that how fingers move and touch each other influences the flow of prana, the life giving energy of the body, with yogis using hand gestures to channel prana for physical and mental healing and spiritual enlightenment. Recent scientific research has established that moving different parts of your hands activates different parts of your brain. Mantras and sound work on a vibrational level to move and channel energy and focus the mind.



All levels are welcome to explore this playful practice.


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Cultivating Strength & Balance in Inversions
Friday, 2nd November 2018
Union Station, London


Join us for this explorative Friday evening Master Practice with Bridget Woods Kramer. Inversions are transformational poses, they draw vital fluids from the lower chakras up to the crown of the head, where they would be transformed into Amrita (nectar).


On a physical level, we will explore the correct alignment of the head & neck as it interfaces with the shoulder girdle and provides the structural support of the weighty head. The correct alignment of the head can radically transform the experience of Sirsana and Sarvangasana (headstand and shoulder-stand).

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Refine Your Teaching Skills (Weekend Intensive) 
3rd – 4th November 2018
Union Station, London
£100 (Sat + Sun) or £120 (Fri, Sat + Sun)


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Join us for a weekend of detailed, hands-on learning with one of London’s most experienced and highly-respected yoga teachers, Bridget Woods Kramer.

This full weekend course is a Teachers Intensive – for yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees, and experienced students. Please note, we can only accept bookings for both Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday, November 3rd: Refining Your Teaching Skills
Join Bridget Woods Kramer for a 3 hour workshop focusing on safe and effective hands-on assists.
Learn practical ways to achieve more stability balance and freedom with yoga assists and in-depth look and discussion at asana using the biomechanics of Anusara Yoga.
Sunday, November 4th:  The Art of Purposeful Sequencing & Theming
Learn the key components to a vinyasa practice which will give you the understanding of how to link one asana to another helping your own self-practice as well as building creative and effective class sequencing that represents your vision as a Yoga Teacher.

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A weekend of Anusara Yoga
10-11th November 2018
Limehouse, Cornwall
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Saturday morning
‘Ignite your inner fire’

Agni is the Sanskrit word for fire, Agni governs passion, transformation, the release of old stuck patterns. In this backbend focus practice, a balance of symmetric & asymmetrical poses will be taught to build healthy alignment, increase vitality and strengthen the body. Props will be used intelligently to help students work at their own level.

Saturday afternoon
‘Soma’ practice

Balance the fire of the morning practice with the flowing nectar of mantra, meditation and Hip openers in the afternoon.

This is an introspective practice of reflection & acceptance. The cooling aspect of the practice is called Soma – moonlight. The balance of fire and nectar – complimentary opposites in our yoga practice is important, without fire there is no transformation, without nectar & cooling practices we will burn out.

Sunday morning
‘Fine Tune’

This mornings practice is about Refining our alignment in poses so we have a strong sense of connection to the earth, balance in our pelvis and a deep connection to our core.

A variety of poses will be taught focusing on standing poses and twists and balances.

Sunday afternoon
Harmony – ‘ A practice to bring balance and strength to the endocrine, nervous and immune system.

As winter closes in and the nights grow long it is easy to become depleted.

In this inversion focus practice Bridget will teach the importance of preparation, foundation and optimal alignment for headstand, shoulder stands with variations and restoratives.

The practice will be followed by Yoga Nidra.

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Recalibrate, Release and Restore Workshop
Yoga Venue, Oxford
17th November 2018


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Fascia is the fabric that binds us together, from our big toe to the tops of our heads, but not only does it hold us together, it also stores our experiences and emotions. That’s why it’s important to slow down and allow this connective tissue to recalibrate, soften, and release. Bridget will teach a sequence of fascia release exercises to unravel our patterns of often unconscious holding, followed by a restorative practice and Pranayama.

Open to all levels


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Yoga Workshop
1-16th December 2018

Part of teacher training