Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshop at triyoga, Soho
14th July 2017

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You may be a teacher of a few months, many years, or perhaps a student who wishes to go deeper. Understanding when and how to give assists will help keep you and your students safe, as well as improve your understanding of the pose you are assisting. In this workshop you will hone your observational skills, learning hands on assists that will empower you and your students.
Advanced practitioners will learn how using minimal assists or even using the wall for assistance will allow you to go further into your postures. Teachers will learn how to give different levels of assists from non-invasive to quite strong assists, creating the space for students to move deeper in a safe and effective way. Assists help students gain awareness of what they need to do to achieve more advanced poses: how to get length, space, and integration. You will walk away from this workshop with the confidence to refine your students postures helping them to get the most out of their practice.

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Yoga Garden Party, Charity Event
29th July 2017

‘Jai Hanuman’

The inspiring stories of Hanuman (the heroic Lord of monkeys), his strength, wisdom and knowledge that were always used in service of Ram (God). So strong was his devotion that the names of his beloved Ram were etched on every cell of his body.

Bridget Woods Kramer will lead an hour long practice with tales of devotion as we offer our hearts to this great cause that Simon hosts every year.


Yoga Workshop, triyoga
4th August 2017, Friday evening

Opening workshop on Bliss, a slow practice with long holds, encouraging contemplation.
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Yoga Venue, Oxford
9th September – 3 hours

“Shakti” is a universal energy which flows through us all, which often gets depleted from every day life. Yoga asana and pranayama can help us work with this energy to create different effects on the body. In this workshops Bridget will teach how to work with this energy in 3 different sequences: energising, strengthening and calming, with 3 complimentary pranayamas to support each phase. starting with a gentle flow to awaken the body, followed by a sequence to cultivate strength, and hip openers to ground for meditation.


Particular attention will be paid to the Bandhas which are crucial in creating a strong foundation from which to find freedom both physically and energetically in your practice.

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Art of Refinement, Yoga Workshop at Barefoot Barn
4th November 2017, Saturday

The art of refinement, fine tuning our practice to go deeper on many levels.

Yoga therapy – In this therapy based workshop Bridget will focus on shoulders, neck and upper back & wrists.

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Yoga Workshop in Bath, Yoga Bodhi
11th – 12th November 2017

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Yoga Workshop in Waterford Ireland
181th – 19th November 2017

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Yoga Workshop in Berlin, Yoga Raum
2nd – 3rd December 2017

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