Bridget Woods Kramer (BWK) School of Yoga

500 Hour Yoga Alliance Advanced Teacher Training Program 

(+300 TT to be combined with a 200 TT for 500 Hour Certification).


This unique +300 Advanced Teacher Training (ATT) program is designed to support qualified yoga teachers to develop, deepen and enhance their teaching skills.  The full 500 hours is comprised of the Anusara 108 Immersion, the 100-hour Anusara Teacher Training program and/or the Bridget Woods Kramer 200-hour Bali Teacher Training (one month intensive), followed by an additional 300 hours of advanced level yoga training modules* spread across two years. Teachers from other 200 training programmes are welcome to join this +300 hour ATT as long as their 200 TT is registered with Yoga Alliance.


Why do I need to become a RYT- 500 when I already have a 200-hour certification?

In our highly competitive world, employers are increasingly looking for yoga teachers that have advanced level qualifications. If you want to stand out in crowd, become an expert in a specific area of yoga teaching and/or run your own teacher trainings and immersions, becoming a certified RYT- 500 is not only a necessity but shows that you are a teacher who is highly skilled and a dedicated teacher who stands out amongst the sea of 200-hour qualified yoga teachers.  This course offers support and guidance to qualified teachers who wish to hone their skills so they can continue to evolve as a teacher of excellence.


*Can I do the modules as individual electives? 

Yes. In the current economic climate we appreciate that some people may not be able to commit fully to another teacher training over a specific period of time (Two years).  Each module can be taken as a stand-alone course to enhance specific teaching skills without committing to the full 300-hours of teaching.  This gives you the option to build up the necessary hours your need for a further qualification in a time frame that works for you.


Can I do the 300-hours if I am a 200-hour certified teacher from a different background or style of yoga: 

The entry requirements for the additional BWK +300-hours Advanced Teacher Training (ATT) are:

  • Anusara Immersion 108 hours + Anusara 100 Hour Teaching Training or
  • 200 Hour Bali Teacher Training
  • or to be combined with other 200 Hour Teacher Training Programmes that are registered with Yoga Alliance.

• Minimum of One Year of Teaching

• Commitment to deepen and expand your knowledge of the Yoga Tradition

If you come from another school of yoga or have less than one year of teaching experience, applicants are welcome to apply and will be considered on an individual basis.


What is the Yoga Style taught on the ATT: 

The key styles taught are:  the Anusara Method of Yoga, Dynamic Flow and Restorative Yoga.  For applicants not familiar with the Anusara Method we would look for experience in alignment based teaching.


Will I automatically qualify for the RYT-500 certification by attending the ATT modules: 

The ATT is comprised of Compulsory Modules (100% attendance required) and Elective Modules. Each participant must complete the necessary 300 hours in order qualify. In additional there will be continual assessment by the tutors in class, completion/passing of written course work and a final written and practicum exam.   On successful completion, you will receive a certificate allowing you to register with Yoga Alliance as a RT-500 teacher.


How is the ATT run?

The ATT is run as a series of modules including Weekend and 3-5 Day Workshops in London, Residential Retreats/Intensives in Cornwall. Students are also encouraged to attend weekly classes and/or workshops by the course tutors and/or other teachers teaching in similar style. All class hours should be recorded.

Will there be written course work between modules?

There will be written dissertation on a chosen topic by the student that will go towards the final written exam.

Payment policies for the BWK Advanced Teacher Training:

• Payments per module are due a minimum of one month before commencement of each module.

• Monthly Payment plans are available on request.


Cancellation Policy:

50% refund will be paid for cancellations up to two weeks before the commencement of a module.

No refunds are available less than one week before the commencement of a module or at the Tutors discretion.