Christopher Palumbo – London Teacher Training 2017

An amazing program offering a tremendous amount of information. It is anusara focused, but this offers a solid alignment-focused base for any practitioner. Highly recommend this program. I liked the pace as well, allowing quite a few weeks to practice and digest the information before the next session.


Michele – London Teacher Training 2017

Thank you so much! It was truly life-changing and I’m so grateful that it was such a wonderful experience. It was pretty much the only teacher training programme that worked for me and my family, so I can assume that it was destined to happen!


Shanel – London Teacher Training 2017

Thank you Bridget!! I’m sure you hear it often but I LOVED the past 10 months and could not have thought of a better teacher to be taught by! Thank you!


Lena – Dear Bridget,

I wanted to express my deep gratitude and blissfulness to you. The InSabina week was a very special experience for me. In fact, I think it was a life changing experience. The beauty and peace of the place, combined with the wonderful yoga sessions, the amazing food, the fellow yogis and the easygoing daily schedule helped me to connect to a kind of higher/deeper level within myself. I felt a kind of inner peace and a strong confidence in life/the world as such, that I had not known before. My body felt strengthened and rooted, yet light and flexible. My soul was nourished and I felt like I was walking on air after having returned home again. I feel that I got a glimpse of “the big secret of all beings” that is out there (and within me) and I wanted to thank you for opening that space.

I don’t (yet) manage to keep this “alpha state” on a permanent level in my daily life, but I manage to reconnect to it every day during my yoga practice. And the more I reconnect, the easier it gets to have it present in everyday situations (like sitting in the office in front of a computer). It feels like layer of peacefulness that lies besides the daily busy life and by just knowing that it is there and cultivating it through practice, I can dive into it whenever I want to. And that is a wonderful gift.

…it is actually quite difficult to put in words what I want to express; I hope you get what I mean :)

Please keep me posted on your plans of possibly doing another retreat at InSabina next year; I would definitely be in.

Much love from Switzerland, Lena


Camila – Hello Bridget, I do your Friday morning yoga class at Triyoga Camden and I generally have to rush off once the class is finished but I wanted to drop you a note to say I love your class! It’s so inspiring and makes my body feel wonderful. I really appreciate your corrections and help during the class so wanted to drop you a line to let you know :) Look forward to next Friday. All the best and have a lovely weekend.


Simona – Thank you so much for an awe inspiring weekend.  It will stay with me for a long time and gives me lots to play with.


Wendy –  I wanted to thank you SO much for the most wonderful 4 weeks in beautiful Bali with you, Ananda and Carlos. I absolutely loved it and am so grateful to you for so gently encouraging me to come along and join in. I’m SO glad I did! Such a nurturing and safe environment as created by you, such a wonderful group of students and just the most outstanding teaching – your vast expertise always infused and delivered with your inimitable combination of humour, grace, playfulness and sheer selflessness. I honestly don’t know how you do it with such unfailing enthusiasm and love. You are such an inspiration and I know I speak for everyone when I say this. Thank you so very much for everything. (Re: Bali TTC 2015)


Maya – The Holy Trinity of teachers inspiring from their hearts. I have learnt more about myself this last month than I could have ever imagined. Thank you! (Re: Bali TTC 2015)


Stani – dear bridget, ananda and carlos, thank you for the best teacher-training I have ever been to. These four weeks were really fantastic in every possible way. Thank you for every day. You might not believe it, but I have learnt a lot. Now yoga really begins. Lots of love (Re: Bali TTC 2015)


Katie – Thank you for a life changing opportunity in an awe inspiring place”. (Re: Bali TTC 2015)


Tanya – This teacher training far far exceeds what I thought it would be like, Thank you! (Re: Bali TTC 2015)


Karen – I am amazed at how much I have learnt from what Carlos, Ananda and Bridget offer. Thank you! (Re: Bali TTC 2015)


Ali – I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and benefitted from your wonderful teaching this weekend. Thank you so much for continually sharing with us all with such grace.


Ard – A big warm thank you for a really great week of yoga, learning and fun. I loved your teaching and have learned so much from you even if my old body cannot accomplish it all just yet. You attract really down to earth and open people, it was such a treat to be with you all. I feel I have found another yoga home and would love to continue on the 300 hour course with you and do what I can when I can.

Ananda was so inspirational too, and I am feeling the beneficial effects of the pranayama and bandhas very strongly.


Anne-Louise – Bridget is the kind of teacher who you’ll always wish you’d met sooner. Her humble, playful approach belies the wealth of her knowledge and insight. Bridget’s tuition equips you with the tools to truly unlock your potential. How you get there is tailored to you. You’re challenged or gently coaxed depending on your abilities and as a truly gifted teacher, Bridget keenly senses what is needed, when.


A retreat or training with Bridget promises profound insights, a tonne of laughter, fantastic breathwork, effective meditation techniques, deeper awareness and some sneaky abs work just when you’re not expecting it.


You will gain insights into how to move your body and mind safely and efficiently to a place of joyful freedom.


She has a knack for sniffing out the loveliest secret hideaways and her own generous and open-hearted nature always attracts like-minded students from all areas of the globe who often forge lasting friendships.


I am fortunate to have attended several retreats and trainings with her. Whatever stage you are at with your practice, with Bridget you have an opportunity to endlessly refine and expand. Seize it!


Jilly – Well, I cannot say enough good things about the retreat with Bridget at Suryalila last week! Location: spectacular-we picked ripe figs directly for trees. Yoga: subtle, tough and playful. My arms and legs are rock hard after the week, surprisingly for curvy me. Bridget is a calm, inspiring voice, balancing out beautifully everyone’s needs. A humble spirit, she is delightful and a breath of fresh air. No drama, ego or entourage here, thank goodness. She is utterly lovely both on and off the mat. I hope that I can make the India retreat next year, and many of us are signing up for Suryalila next year already.


Angela – The retreat was amazing! I am so grateful to you; it was a fantastic experience. I loved each and every practice and the energy that you brought to it. I have arrived home relaxed and chilled! Thank you so much!


Josie – I signed up for Bridget’s immersion course in 2011. At the time I had little experience of Anusara yoga. I had a 10 month old baby and was in dire need of some core strength! The dates of Bridget’s immersion worked well and I decided to trust fate and go for it! The immersion was exactly what I was looking for – and more. We practised a lot of fantastic yoga and I quickly learned to eat a big breakfast before a marathon morning session! Every class would challenge me in a different way and the amount I learned was enormous. The principles of alignment that structure Anusara yoga have made a huge difference to the way I practice. I found them quite complicated to begin with and by the end of the immersion I had so many questions buzzing around my mind I wasn’t ready to stop. I felt I needed something to bring it all together. The teacher training does exactly this. For me it made Anusara become second nature. On the teacher training everything gels and I now feel confident to not only practice Anusara yoga but to teach it as well. Bridget is not just a greatly experienced yoga teacher but she is creative and inspiring. It sounds like a cliché but it is an amazing opportunity to learn from someone who has so much to offer.


Jacky – Bridget is wonderful and very inspiring teacher. Her passion, love and dedication thought me to teach from the heart.


Amanda – Bridget is a true inspiration. She has a vast knowledge and experience which she offers from the heart. During the training she nurtured and supported, encouraging us to be ourselves. I began the immersion with no intention of continuing with the teacher training but the teachings and Bridget made me curious to learn more and I felt compelled to continue. I cannot express how pleased I am I did. The course itself, being spread over an 18 month or so period offered the opportunity for me, a working mum, to train while balancing my other commitments. I am truly grateful to Bridget for this opportunity.


Christopher – For BWK

A soul in motion, lithe and bold
Arching, honest and open
Never cold

Attention supple, in you she believes
But soft attention
As spring sun on leaves

Flowing, always, and of the flow
Strong, human and gentle
Passion aglow

Hands, guiding and freeing
Supporting, letting go
Doing yet being

Seeing the free in you and me
Nurturing seeds
Freeing to be

All souls around her subtly lift
Motion and stillness
To us a gift.
To us a gift.

Thank you Bridget.